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A fashionable Edwardian gentleman


RPPC. Private collection.

A nice portrait of a gentleman from the 1900’s. He’s wearing a sack jacket with a white waistcoat, completing the put-together look with patterned socks, which stand out in this shot. To the modern eye, the pattern looks like can tabs!



The bowler hatted benefactor

RPPC vignette. Private Collection.

RPPC vignette. Private Collection.

This is one of the first RPPCs I got. I had to have at least one vignette portrait of a gent in a bowler. This one wrote to a lady named Roxie. He made good on a promise and gave her something -with the postcard picture of himself- that would help her father ‘next spring when he plants corn’. What it was is lost to time, but this seems like it was a thoughtful message and nice gesture. And maybe getting into the good graces of the father does help. :)




U.S.S.Nevada sailor Robert Flowers


U.S.S. Nevada sailor Robert “Bob” Flowers. RPPC. 1910’s-20’s. Private Collection.

The U.S.S Nevada was launched in 1914. This sailor with an air of confidence may have been one of the first to have manned it.

During the Great War the ship was based in Bantry Bay, Ireland, to protect the supply convoys sailing to and from Great Britain.

RPPC: CYKO. 1904-1920s.

Unidentified in a bowtie


You’ve probably noticed I have not been posting as often lately. I assure you I am still as impassioned as I was when I first started this blog, but unfortunately life got in the way of my collecting. Without going into details it’s been a trying time, and I’m only now starting to see the end of the tunnel.

But fear not, this is only a temporary phase.

So, this is one of the RPPCs I got recently. Sometimes I think I have not much to say about some pictures I own, I just enjoy them for what they are.

RPPC: CYKO 1904-1920s.

This 1940’s U.S. Army Technician


1940’s U.S. army technician. Snapshot. Private Collection.

This American soldier posed all smile by a hill, some time in the 40’s but before 1948. During WW2 or after is unknown. Nothing written on the back either, but with the landscape and the sun on his back I think this candid came out pretty good!


Confidently Yours


Circa 1870-80. CDV. Private Collection.

This unidentified young man posing in front of a plain backdrop comes off as comfortable in his skin. And the tilted hat adds flair to the otherwise nice but generic suit.

Alas the back is plain with no photographer info. I hope the kid did well for himself, he sure looks like he had the self assurance.

Turn of the century photo studio crew

Photo Gallery crew. RPPC. Private Collection.

Photo Gallery crew. RPPC. Private Collection.

This looks to be a photo of a photographer’s crew posing inside their photo gallery, as the door reveals. What’s interesting too is the format of the picture. This may be an early example of real photo postcards. The dimensions and round edges are similar to a cabinet card but the photo was printed on real photo postcard paper so it’s flimsier. Maybe the photographer was exploring the new format with this picture. I’d date it to around 1895-1905.

I also think this room served several purposes. It was used to show off their work on the walls, but with the piano against the wall it could have been a waiting room as well as a room used for social events. By the piano there’s a beautiful profile portrait of a woman I wish I could see better!

Someone also took the time to identify everyone on this picture, starting from left to right. I digitally took the pencil numbers out from above their heads but here goes the list:

names of crew members.

names of crew members.

I haven’t researched the names yet, but I hope to do so. Maybe I can find out what studio this was, or at the very least in what city it was located.

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