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The same bridge construction crew on two RPPCs

Finding pictures like this really makes my day. All 13 of these bridge workers are on both RPPCs. I played a game of who’s who and recognized 8 of them for sure.

On the second, two more men in suits are with them, perhaps supervisors. On that one I’m not sure what the workers are sitting on, but it looks like a pressurized machine with some kind of belt.

I find it fascinating to see the faces of those who built those bridges we still cross today; ‘floppy hats and blue collars’ (and Carnegie steel). If by extreme luck I find out what bridge this is I will update this post. It may have been built to let a railroad pass through.

RPPC: AZO triangles. 1904-1918. Private collection.

1890s Swedish worker pals having a beer

Swedish workers. CDV. Private Collection.

Swedish workers. CDV. Private Collection.

Three Swedish working class young men holding a dark beer in their hand. The boy on the right looks a little stiff. They didn’t change for the photo, wearing their day to day clothes, shirts still dirty with well used shoes.


Photographer: Swante Hoeger. Stromstad. Sweden.

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