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Dapper David Strader and the Merry Widow hats

Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Zuli, David and a lady friend. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

My 200th post!

Zuli is one gorgeous lady. David is in a bowler and high collar with dark gloves, but the ladies…look at the ornate big ‘Merry Widow’ hats! There’s a whole cake on top of Zuli’s head! What a cute and uncommon name too. The ladies in these pictures are always the stars, but I love group pictures of handsome gents with their pretty women. ;)

David’s last name was Strader, Miss Zuli’s last name was Frop. The name of the second woman in glasses is illegible. I think she looks like she was related to David -maybe his sister. There’s a number too: 5-10. May 1910?

Summertime75 posted a funny article from 1908 on the ‘Merry Widow Hat’ trend that swept the nation. It’s worth reading for a good laugh. People of the day found those large hats rather ridiculous! This was an upper society trend. Those hats were quite expensive and a status item.

Another funny N.Y Times article dated June 14, 1908 describes a stampede when at the end of the Broadway show (which inspired the trend) 1,200 souvenir hats were supposed to be handed to 1,300 awaiting women.

Photographer: Emery’s. 162 Main Street. Blank back.

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