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Passion in Rust


1920s P.C Paris postcard #1511. Private Collection.

Like the Blue Kiss, the postcard company decided to publish this one in a way that wouldn’t present the models on top of each other when they obviously are, except this time the man is below the woman. She’s wearing patterned robes reminiscent of East Asia, and he pajamas. A sexy postcard enhanced by the choice of tint.

I have a tamer one with these two I’ll be posting soon. On it she wears different robes and he the same pajama shirt.

The Look of Love

Cyanotype French romantic postcard. Private Collection.

Cyanotype French romantic postcard. Private Collection.

Another beautiful 20s romance cyanotype postcard, this one innocent and tame for a change.

Extase – series of 3

'Extase' French postcard. Private Collection.

‘Extase’ French postcard. Private Collection.

Another series of sexy French postcards with a beautiful kissing couple. This series has red borders with added glitter.

Publisher: P.F. Paris.

Creative Commons License

A Beautiful Ride


Couple riding bike. Noyer #2506. Cyanotype Postcard. Private Collection.

A drop dead gorgeous couple on a bike. I like how she has her arms encircling his neck. It made for an intimate and sweet pose.

I hope to find more pictures with these two together. So far no luck.

Toward You

Vers Toi postcard. Private Collection.

Vers Toi postcard. Private Collection.

A beautiful pink postcard of a (very young) French soldier reaching up to his beloved. This one was unposted.

Toward you, I always turn to like I turn to the sun

Of which bright rays, warm us the same.

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