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A booming town’s young man


1880s-90s cabinet card. B.F.Kaler. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Private Collection.

This Victorian man’s collar resembles a bishop neckband, but here the collar and sturdy chest piece look to be an all-in-one.

When this unidentified sitter had his picture taken, Pelican Rapids had only been recently renamed Rhinelander after Frederic W. Rhinelander of New York, who was president of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Road at the time. Rhinelander’s Wisconsin and Pelican rivers were ideal to transport lumber, as such the town became the newest timber mill of the northern part of the state. In 1882 the main railroad through town was completed, and in 1890 its population grew to about 3,000. Within the next decade Rhinelander boomed to almost double its size. Had this young man come to town in search of opportunities?

Photographer: B.F.Kaler. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Mr. Kaler was the successor of Carl Krueger of The Krueger Studio.

Pretty Eyes Arthur Monk

Arthur Monk. RPPC. Private Collection.

Arthur Monk. RPPC. Private Collection.

Arthur’s eyes come through even in sepia. Beautiful!

This gentleman is IDed on the back of this real photo postcard, unfortunately there are too many Arthur Monks born in his time period to find out who he was. Too bad.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Victorian man of Illinois

Cabinet card.

1880s-1890s Cabinet card.

The higher the collar, the higher you are in society…? :)

I picture him spending long evenings in the family library, in the flickering light of a gas lamp reading book after book and newspapers while debating politics over a glass of whiskey. What a proper, educated gentleman is supposed to do.

Mr. Prom King

Zamsky Studio. Philadelphia. Studio portrait. Private Collection.

Zamsky Studio. Philadelphia. Studio portrait. Private Collection.

Well, apart from saying just how obviously photogenic this sitter is…This portrait is a 5″x7″ in a 7″x10″ matte with flaps…but the mailman violently (yes, I’ll say violently) shoved it into my mailbox and bent it at a 90 degree angle. The seller never put a “Do Not Bend” warning on the envelope. I was, to put it mildly, fuming! But after some reshaping the crease isn’t so apparent and a little photoshop helped too. But…I’m still reeling. Vintage pictures that managed to survive decades if not more, suddenly damaged in shipping?  I can’t even…

But, I’ll calm down.

I wish this sitter was IDed. Pretty, wasn’t he? And as such he earned a spot in this collection. The 50s was such a wonderful yet deeply flawed decade, but its fashion aesthetics are still timelessly elegant.  I need to live in a parallel universe with today’s technology, civil rights and back then’s style. :)

Photographer: Zamsky. Philadelphia.

A Fine Victorian Profile

Profile. Cabinet card. Private collection.

1870-80s profile portrait of young man. Cabinet card. Private collection.

The top left of the card is a bit damaged, but nothing to detract from this anonymous sitter. He’s wearing his hair cropped short which gives him a more contemporary look. Really, he could blend in at a posh wedding today, and to think this portrait is only 130 plus years old, making this fine gentleman about a century and a half years old.

I first came across this one on tumblr, shared it on this tumblr account and by chance acquired it since. So yes, if you come from tumblr you already saw this one from me, but this is a new scan. :)


Photographer: Atherton’s. The back is blank.

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