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1910s young man with the upturned collared shirt

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

He has his collar upturned and it looks like an all-in-one dress shirt + collar. This gent was an early adopter.

And there’s something of a defiant sneer behind this half smile. I’m willing to bet his father of the more conservative, detachable starched collar camp didn’t like that his son wore those shirts.

I can hear the father say “Get this travesty of a shirt off and get a proper collar! What is this world coming to? You look undone!”, to which this young gent replied something like “You and your stuffy old ways! I’ll wear what I want!”

Think I’m exaggerating? :) For us today this may seem like a ridiculous issue, but there was an uproar over the adoption of collared shirts into the mainstream. They were thought to make a man not look like a proper gentleman. Oh, the decaying of society! The British were especially against this trend coming from America. Surprised much? Well, they lost this battle.


Photographer: Elsner Studio. Loup City. Nebraska

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

The smiling Victorian bride with her handsome groom

Wedding photo cabinet card. Private Collection.

1890s-1900s wedding photo cabinet card. Private Collection.

This beautiful bride is smiling in her long wedding dress with the puffy sleeves at the elbows. Can I say I love the groom’s shoes? I love his shoes! They look made for each other these two.

Photographer: Mangold. Blair. Nebraska

Not a country folk like you!

Life of the party. RPPC. Private Collection.

Life of the party. RPPC. Private Collection.

Something uplifting now. Mr. Life of the Party is standing apart from his group, accessorized with a coat, top hat, cigar and cane. His buddies are laughing at his staged city boy cocky attitude (and I am too). Two women found it funny as well, but the four in the middle are more interested in taking a good picture of themselves!

Stereotypes were and always will be funny. This group seems to have had quite a good time on a sunny summer day. This picture was taken in Nebraska sometime in the 1910s.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

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