Crossed legs and a tweed cap

Personal Collection

Private Collection

1/6th plate of a brunette teen boy sitting cross-legged on a wicker chair. Most likely an American. I read somewhere -alas I can’t remember the source- Europeans (especially the English) liked to keep their suit pants and coat’s color matching. Americans were more adventurous and mix-matched (those crazy yanks!). This seems to be true from what I’ve seen so far.

An interesting bit of info on this collar after the cut.

I like the mix of patterns and the contrast between the neatly starched striped light pants and the dark tops. His waistcoat has lapels too, and he’s wearing a Windsor tie, cufflinks and evening style wing tip collar. This teen was very put together for this photograph.

A note on the wing tip collar: It was also called the Patricide. The fictitious story goes it was invented in the 1850s (that part must be true) and when a young university student came back home and embraced his father, his collar points stabbed his throat and killed him. Aren’t those Victorians charming and quaint with their horror stories bleeding into fashion! (pun)


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