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Beautiful Victorian teen sisters and their cute brother in a bowler

1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection

1880s teens. 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection

This is one I acquired recently and there’s everything to love here; how the boy’s frock coat with the short bowler contrasts with the young girls’ elaborate Victorian fashion with the pleats and patterns. The details are amazing too, like the lace collar of the girl in the back and the feathered derby of the one in the front (I want it). The young ladies are all wearing their neatly brushed hair down.

Also, the two front girls are sitting high on the bench; they must be wearing bustle dresses.

These four most likely were brother and sisters who were close in age, or maybe fraternal twins with siblings, or perhaps siblings with cousins. One thing’s for certain, they were all very photogenic and made a gorgeous group portrait.

Some pictures make me want to stare for ages. This is one of those. I have it framed by my computer.

Here’s a CDV of the same era with another teen boy wearing a similar short bowler I find very stylish.

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The 1880s unknown Indian War U.S. cavalry officer

Image copyright Caroline Ryan. Original from cabinet card of private Collection.

Digitally enhanced picture from cabinet card of private collection.

A gorgeous portrait of an American infantry/cavalry officer. He’s standing proud with his arms crossed, his sword on the side. He’s wearing white gloves and a high collar below his dress coat. He moved ever so slightly, and it seems he has a scar on his nose.  I cleaned it up and played with the contrast some, and quite like it this way.

His belt buckle.

The Indian War officer belt buckle.

The card is blank on both sides, what a pity. No name either.

Just what is going on?


A very unique tintype which went for gold. A crazy pose, handsome sitters. Can’t win them all.

1880s tough cowboy in a straw hat

Tintype detail

Tintype detail

I spent way too much on tintypes and other miscellaneous photos this week, so I had to see this one slip by. Nooo! The dilemma of every collector: gotta make choices.
Ah, but what a guy! And he’s wearing cowboy boots; a country folk! Tintype guys with attitudes do make great sitters!

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

CDV of hot guy and a few thoughts: we lost something, somewhere

CDV. Personal Collection

CDV. Private Collection


Circa 1880

Well, what can I state about this one other than the obvious reason why I added him to my collection? I put HOT GUY in the tag and title to attract a larger audience. Conniving!  I do have something of importance to say, and it doesn’t have anything to do with this CDV, or maybe it does because there is no name on this card and it inspired me to share some thoughts I think are worth sharing.

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A Group of Friends from Novia Scotia


A very interesting cabinet card of seven friends posing together. A good example of the men’s fashion of the 1880s.

Unknown Sitter from Lima, NY

Anonymous from Lima N.Y. Personal Collection

Anonymous from Lima N.Y. Private Collection


This CDV is probably from the early 1880s. Too bad we will never know the name of the sitter because he’s well worth remembering! Notice the diamond pattern of his tie and the triangle stud.

Photographer: E. P. Baker. Lima, NY

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