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Biederer’s Adam and Eve

Biederer nude couple in field. Private Collection.

Biederer couple in field. Private Collection.

Oh look, I’m posting unclothed people from the 20s or 30s.

This is another postcard by one of the Biederers or both, this time an outdoor shot of a nude woman in the arms of her semi-clothed man. This couple is quite beautiful and I did not censor the postcard. It looks like it was published as it is. I wonder if there is an uncensored version that was also out.

I love the pose, and while this was daring for the time it still could pass for art (and it is).


The 1920s ‘Swamp Jax’ gang packing heat

The Swamp Jax. Snapshot. Private Collection.

The ‘Swamp Jax’ gang of four. Snapshot. Private Collection.

These bad boys all swagger posing on the side of a road behind a car, with their guns prominently displayed, one just tucked into the pants. Don’t know if running into them was a good thing…Prohibition or not, bet they drank good. There was a brand of beer here in Dixieland called Jax. Bootleggers? :)



Positively No Admittance

Snapshot. Private Collection.

‘Positively No Admittance’ snapshot. Private Collection.

A funny 1920s-1930s candid of a young man showing a chicken who’s the boss! The sign was glued on.

Looking at the girls

1920s-1930s Snapshot. Private Collection.

1920s-1930s Snapshot. Private Collection.

Two buddies by the side of a path having fun looking at pictures of girls on a magazine…classic!

Prohibition? Say what again?

"Because I can." Private Collection.

“If my calculations are right, I shall be 100% drunk this fine evening.” 3″ x 3.5″ Private Collection.

I’m not exactly sure what this amused and dapper gent in evening wear is home distilling, but clear alcohol is never good! I think it was most likely moonshine. Drink up!

Happy National Beer Day!

That's right!

That’s right! Click for larger image.

Today is the anniversary of the end of Prohibition (April 7 1933) 82 years ago! Now, that’s a sign I can get behind. Cheers!

The Bootlegger Pals

Personal Collection

RPPC. Private Collection

This postcard is beat up and the back is almost completely erased by time. Someone drew a mustache on the Al Capone looking guy to the left. At first I was disappointed to see that, then it dawned on me it’s part of what makes it hilarious. Did one of the two others add it? The guy in the middle has quite the relaxed pose with his arms behind the necks of his friends. Don’t they look like your stereotypical 1930s gangsters? The suits and fedoras are fantastic.

Photographer: unknown. RPPC.

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