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Hand tinted portrait of 1930s era boy

Portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

4″ x 6″ 1930s portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

A beautiful large cabinet photo portrait of a bright looking boy with freckles. This picture came in a large mat protected by flaps. No photographer logo, unfortunately. I was not expecting to see hand tinted cheeks and lips on a portrait from the 30s but apparently it was still a feature photographers offered. His hair cut with the close cropped sides was very popular in his time, along with the pointy collar.

If you keep on making me laugh, I AM going to fall!

1920s-1930s snapshot. Private Collection.

1920s-1930s snapshot. Private Collection.

A slice of life on a picture! This laughing man is all well dressed in a three-piece with a boutonniere. Perhaps he was at a wedding and this low river bed nearby got more and more tempting as the hot day rolled by. Those stream and river beds are slippery too. With a hand in pocket and the other holding shoes, he left no room for a wrong step..!

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Biederer’s Adam and Eve

Biederer nude couple in field. Private Collection.

Biederer couple in field. Private Collection.

Oh look, I’m posting unclothed people from the 20s or 30s.

This is another postcard by one of the Biederers or both, this time an outdoor shot of a nude woman in the arms of her semi-clothed man. This couple is quite beautiful and I did not censor the postcard. It looks like it was published as it is. I wonder if there is an uncensored version that was also out.

I love the pose, and while this was daring for the time it still could pass for art (and it is).

The 1920s ‘Swamp Jax’ gang packing heat

The Swamp Jax. Snapshot. Private Collection.

The ‘Swamp Jax’ gang of four. Snapshot. Private Collection.

These bad boys all swagger posing on the side of a road behind a car, with their guns prominently displayed, one just tucked into the pants. Don’t know if running into them was a good thing…Prohibition or not, bet they drank good. There was a brand of beer here in Dixieland called Jax. Bootleggers? :)



Positively No Admittance

Snapshot. Private Collection.

‘Positively No Admittance’ snapshot. Private Collection.

A funny 1920s-1930s candid of a young man showing a chicken who’s the boss! The sign was glued on.

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