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Oh! What must it be to be there

1905 Bamforth & Co postcard. Private Collection.

1905 Bamforth & Co postcard. Private Collection.

Look out for the jealous peeping Tom in the tree! This postcard is so funny to me, yet kind of creepy at the same time!

Photographer: Robert McCrum for Bamforth N.Y.C. Life Model Series.

You’ll get yours, cheat!

Oh, the violence! You wonder if those two teens saw beer bottle fights with their own eyes to stage this one (the answer is probably yes). I love the details like the cards tucked into the trousers’ cuffs on the second one, and the sign on the first. The teen on the left is giving the camera a knowing look as if saying “he thinks I didn’t see him…” He is casually dressed with his white tie over a long-sleeved polo, and he’s wearing white laced sneakers high school basketball players wore too.

RPPC: NOKO 1907-1920s

The Eavesdropping Two

Cabinet card. Private Collection.

1890s-1900s Cabinet card. Private Collection.

More ladies than gents on this beautiful cabinet card of what looks like three sisters and their brother with the light bowler. They’re posing in a fun and unusual way.

That or actors? I cleaned up and enhanced this one. The lady in front moved some and is a bit blurry, but ever-so-slightly.

The front and back are blank on white card stock.

Cabinet card.

Cabinet card.

Creative Commons License
Digital restoration work titled The Eavesdropping Two by Caroline C. Ryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

This puppy’s thirsty

Giving the pup a drink by the wagon. RPPC. Private Collection.

Giving the pup a drink by the wagon. RPPC. Private Collection.

These three are hanging out by an untethered wagon, perhaps a father and his two sons. The bottles they’re holding look ‘dusty fresh’ from the cave; maybe this was the homemade kind of fizzy drink. The puppy on top of the metal milk jug survived and most likely went on the hunt for a fresh bowl of water right after. Ha!

Hmph, get a room

“Oh! Break away.” Postcard. Private Collection.

The look and body language of the gent to the right is priceless! He’s so annoyed having to look at these two all lovey-dovey. The couple seems older too which makes this postcard even funnier!

If you keep on making me laugh, I AM going to fall!

1920s-1930s snapshot. Private Collection.

1920s-1930s snapshot. Private Collection.

A slice of life on a picture! This laughing man is all well dressed in a three-piece with a boutonniere. Perhaps he was at a wedding and this low river bed nearby got more and more tempting as the hot day rolled by. Those stream and river beds are slippery too. With a hand in pocket and the other holding shoes, he left no room for a wrong step..!

Creative Commons License

An American photo strip

For this day a humorous horizontal photo strip I digitally cut up of an American posing with a phone and two flags. Serious, then not so serious, then serious again!

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