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Extremely High Collar Wearing Man with Wife


I missed out on this one to get another, but it is well worth adding to this site. The gentleman is wearing a very high collar, and this looks like their wedding picture.

Jewish boy

Jewish boy. Personal Collection.

Jewish boy. Private Collection.

This lovely boy is wearing a double breasted knickerbocker suit with his Kipa. The pose is fantastic.

Photographer: H. L. Cohee. Greensboro, MO.

Chester Pratt

Chester Pratt. Personal Collection

Chester Pratt. Private Collection

Chester Pratt had an attitude in this photograph, didn’t he? Was he mad at at the photographer? Did he have a bad day, or was he just showing pride?  Who knows, but there’s everything to love about this photograph.

Photographer: Miller. Bushnell. ILL.

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