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The 1944 U.S Army Air Force pilot

June 8, 1944. Snapshot. Private Collection.

June 8, 1944. University of Missouri. Snapshot. Private Collection.

These two photographs are of the same pilot. The captions are annotations found on the back. We have dates and places. This pilot wrote everything but his name…On the first he’s at the helm of a single engine civilian airplane even though he’s wearing his uniform. I’ve tried to make out the model but can’t. On the second I see what looks like barracks behind him. Texas was the state for the USAAF to train during WWII. Well, at least we know he made it through!

August 3, 1945.

August 3, 1945. Texas. “Crazy with the Heat”. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Two handsome brothers from Kansas City


Circa 1915. The handsome Vochatzer brothers. Personal Collection

Oh no, something landed on the sleeve of the sitting brother! No matter!

The standing one is classically dressed up with a long overcoat and leather gloves.The other is more casual with a dark turtleneck under his baggy suit.

This RPPC has the photographer info, something I wish I saw more often. Back of card after the cut.

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A toddler with blocks

A future architect! Private Collection.

A future architect! Private Collection.

Easily the youngest sitter of my collection! I usually don’t collect this young but this gorgeous photograph grabbed me. I love this cabinet photo. It took a talented photographer to capture this toddler at the right moment and with an expression of intense focus!

Photographers of yesterday didn’t have the luxury of taking dozens of photographs to pick out the best one. This here was true artistry and this photo came out wonderfully. In fact, this is so well done it is easily postcard material. The photo is well protected too with two overlapping flaps. I’m guessing this was taken in the 1930s or 40s.


Photographer: Steward. Carthage, Missouri

Jewish boy

Jewish boy. Personal Collection.

Jewish boy. Private Collection.

This lovely boy is wearing a double breasted knickerbocker suit with his Kipa. The pose is fantastic.

Photographer: H. L. Cohee. Greensboro, MO.

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