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The 1944 U.S Army Air Force pilot

June 8, 1944. Snapshot. Private Collection.

June 8, 1944. University of Missouri. Snapshot. Private Collection.

These two photographs are of the same pilot. The captions are annotations found on the back. We have dates and places. This pilot wrote everything but his name…On the first he’s at the helm of a single engine civilian airplane even though he’s wearing his uniform. I’ve tried to make out the model but can’t. On the second I see what looks like barracks behind him. Texas was the state for the USAAF to train during WWII. Well, at least we know he made it through!

August 3, 1945.

August 3, 1945. Texas. “Crazy with the Heat”. Snapshot. Private Collection.

The WWII German pilot with the model plane

WWII German pilot. Snapshot. Private Collection.

WWII German pilot. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Ah, the enemy…the one we loathe.

This picture spoke to me. This German pilot is leaning to the side so the model plane is in the shot. The picture gives me the feeling that flying was a dream of his from childhood, and it most likely was. Too bad this one grew up to become a pilot under Hitler’s rule. Sad, sad, sad. This pilot fought for the wrong side and paid the price whether he survived or not.

I collect these pictures because they remind me of the universal tragedy of war. The enemy had a face and family too and a life, and dreams, and not all of them were evil, they followed orders like every soldier has to do.

‘Slinky’ the WWII era U.S. Army fighter pilot.

Candid. Private Collection

4″x6″ signed snapshot of WWII U.S. army fighter pilot nicknamed ´Slinky’. Private Collection

Brave ‘Slinky’ is in harness and light gear, looking up above where his mind is at. Did he earn his nickname by doing some graceful maneuvers in the sky?

Happy Memorial Day, and let’s remember him and the many others who put their lives on the line to protect this country.

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