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Mr. Cocky

Cabinet photo circa 1900. Private Collection.

Cabinet photo circa 1900. Private Collection.

Maybe it’s just my impression but this good looking gent has a bit of a conceited expression. Maybe he was just trying to look regal. :) There’s no photographer info and no name. The actual cabinet photo is in terrible shape, but Photoshop helped give this otherwise forgotten gentleman’s portrait new life again.

Hand tinted portrait of 1930s era boy

Portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

4″ x 6″ 1930s portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

A beautiful large cabinet photo portrait of a bright looking boy with freckles. This picture came in a large mat protected by flaps. No photographer logo, unfortunately. I was not expecting to see hand tinted cheeks and lips on a portrait from the 30s but apparently it was still a feature photographers offered. His hair cut with the close cropped sides was very popular in his time, along with the pointy collar.

WWI U.S Army Private Harold H. Richmond

Harold H. Richmond. WWI U.S. soldier. Private Collection.

Harold H. Richmond. WWI U.S. soldier. Private Collection.

I love finding vintage photos in formats less commonly found. This picture is 3″ x 8″, tucked in a folder with flaps. This young man is IDed on the back as Harold H. Richmond. A note below the name in the same handwriting says World War.



On this picture private Harold is in his early twenties, standing straight and proud in his uniform. He was born in 1892 in Connecticut and he’s of the lucky ones who survived the Great War; his name isn’t listed on the lists of casualties from either New York or Connecticut, and he appears on a census from 1940.

He married a lady named Marian and did well for himself owning two listed residences; one in Winchester N.Y and another in Fairfield Connecticut.

Another Richmond from Waterbury (CT) did die during the war. He was a private with the first name of Arthur D. Was he related to Harold?


Photographer: H. Tarr. 1397 Broadway. N.Y.


“Mac” portrait. Private Collection.

Picture perfect “Mac” posing in three-quarter with the brilliantined hair. I’m in love with the grainy and thick paper of those period studio portraits, they are really beautiful in person.

Endearingly interested

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

An endearing expression. Cabinet photo circa 1900. Private Collection.

This young man’s expression is so cute, cute, cute. And his bowtie is crooked. He wants to smile, yet he looks like he’s checking out something or is interested in the process.

This picture portrait came out wonderfully, didn’t it?

No name or photographer logo.

Creative Commons License

A tall German student with book. Card with sleeve and envelope

Detail of student by Albert Eisele. Cabinet photo/CDV. Private Collection.

Detail of student by Albert Eisele. Cabinet photo/CDV. Private Collection.

I am thrilled to add this card to my collection. It feels like a CDV but the dimensions are narrower and longer (2″ x 5″), and best of all, it came with the original sleeve and envelope, something which is quite rare to find. And it doesn’t hurt that this is a looker!

Photographer: Albert Eisele. NEUWIED a. Rh. Germany.

John D. Rockefeller’s ancestors are from Neuwied. I learn something new every day.

Creative Commons License
Digital restoration work titled A Tall German Student With Book by Caroline C. Ryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

A boy’s exciting day at the photographer’s studio

Cabinet photo. Private Collection.

“I’d rather be doing something else”. Cabinet photo.Circa 1900.  Private Collection.

First, look at this little cutie of a sister! Isn’t she just adorable smiling in her white dress and oversized bow in her hair? She’s standing on a chair to be at her older brother’s height, and he seems so thrilled to have his picture taken.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Photographer: E.F. Buchan. Worthington, Minn.

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