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This Swedish Trio

RPPC. c.1920. Private Collection.

RPPC. c.1920. Private Collection.

A beautiful Swedish photo studio portrait of three handsome friends taken anytime from the mid 10’s to the mid 20’s. All three are sporting different types of fedoras too. The one with his arms crossed has an attitude to go with the low brimmed hat. Attitude seems to be a theme of its own in this collection. :)

Photographer: (?)manda Sandberg. Sollefteå, Sweden.


An affectionate duo

Two smiling buddies. RPPC. Private Collection.

Two smiling buddies. RPPC. Private Collection.

Two very well dressed, affectionate buddies with big smiles. I never get tired of these ;)

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Turn of the century photo studio crew

Photo Gallery crew. RPPC. Private Collection.

Photo Gallery crew. RPPC. Private Collection.

This looks to be a photo of a photographer’s crew posing inside their photo gallery, as the door reveals. What’s interesting too is the format of the picture. This may be an early example of real photo postcards. The dimensions and round edges are similar to a cabinet card but the photo was printed on real photo postcard paper so it’s flimsier. Maybe the photographer was exploring the new format with this picture. I’d date it to around 1895-1905.

I also think this room served several purposes. It was used to show off their work on the walls, but with the piano against the wall it could have been a waiting room as well as a room used for social events. By the piano there’s a beautiful profile portrait of a woman I wish I could see better!

Someone also took the time to identify everyone on this picture, starting from left to right. I digitally took the pencil numbers out from above their heads but here goes the list:

names of crew members.

names of crew members.

I haven’t researched the names yet, but I hope to do so. Maybe I can find out what studio this was, or at the very least in what city it was located.

1906 Niagara Falls

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

An artistic pose taken in 1906. This RPPC was posted July 8 from Niagara Falls. These two wanted to try something different. Why not pose with our backs to the camera? The shot gives an effect of secrecy and camaraderie.

Showing off the monkey

Showing off the monkey. 1930s-40s snapshot. Private Collection.

Showing off the monkey. 1920s-30s snapshot. Private Collection. Click for larger image.

Was it Family Day on this USS? Here two sailors are happy to show off their pet monkey to a group of civilians, the one on the left distracting it while the one on the right is at a control board’s commands…but to what purpose? Also, I have trouble believing sailors were allowed to have a pet monkey, but it’s looking like that one got a free pass aboard!

The young girl to the right is tired, rubbing her eyes while the lady behind looks like she was in the middle of saying something, maybe about that monkey. The gentleman in suit and boater is the lone soul of the group who caught the photographer in time for the snapshot, and he isn’t shy to smile big.

I’m not familiar with the history of the U.S Navy ships, but going by the man’s suit and detachable collar, and the women’s big flowery hats I’m thinking this was taken in the late 10’s, 20’s, or at the very latest the early 30’s…and I’m only mentioning the 30’s because I have no idea what USS Navy ships looked like then, but to me those canons look like they were going to be used in WW2.

I love how busy this photograph is; everyone seems to have had a good time on board. And the curled tail of the monkey around the sailor’s neck.

Are these two related?

The wife, sailor brother and a far cousin?

Ribbons, medals and a parasol

Close up of tintype. Four wearing ribbons and medals. Private collection.

These four are definitely Americans wearing ribbons on the chest. One has the two crossed flags with an eagle at the bottom. The other ribbon reads I was sober when I came. :) Two of these gentlemen also wear a medal next to the ribbons. I think this was an electoral or semi formal military event, and the three in light clothes are wearing military uniforms with the black tie tucked in. One’s wearing a fancy black ribbon bowtie I’ve also seen worn with uniforms but seems to have been less common. They’re all wearing the same hat too.

The gent to the back right chose to wear a civilian suit with pins on the lapel, but he looks to have a uniform shirt and tie on under the coat. Maybe this event wasn’t formal enough to require a strict dress code. Interesting too that one of them is wearing a double buckle belt (maybe only interesting to me but worth mentioning…)

The chinese parasol made me laugh; it adds a soft, even humorous touch to this group portrait.

I think this was taken in the 1900s. Finding out what event the ribbon with the flags was for would help date this picture more accurately.

1/6th tintype. Private collection.

Tintype in mat with flap.

Three 1900s Carrington N.D. university students in their busy room

Fraternity room. RPPC. Private Collection.

Carrington, North Dakota, university students. RPPC. Private Collection.

I love indoor shots, especially when they show how photographs were displayed.  These three students are most likely standing in their fraternity house’s common room or dormitory. Besides the three subjects there are three cabinet photos on the dresser behind them, with a clock in the middle.  In the mirror above is the reflection of a cuckoo’s clock on the opposite wall (a little hard to see unless you use a looking glass). There’s also a display of real photo postcards on the back wall; street views, mountain views, greeting cards. I can’t help but think this was their “Facebook wall”. :)

And you have the lace curtains on the window along with their two banners, one facing indoor and the other facing outside for everyone to see. The last word on that one looks to be Merris.

The RPPC is divided with no stamp box. I believe this was taken in the mid to late 1900s.

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