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Lucky Seven

Seven friends. RPPC. Private Collection.

Seven friends. RPPC. Private Collection.

Another group from the 1910s-20s. These friends were in a studio, the standing ones posed by height. Not much to say here, apart that groups do stir up the imagination!

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Tom and George Robinson in straw boaters

Tom & George Robinson. RPPC. Private Collection.

Tom & George Robinson. RPPC. Private Collection.

These two brothers or cousins are IDed on the back. Tom on the left looks neutral enough, but George has this ‘piss off!’ look on his face.

I would love to find more formal portraits from the 1910s with the sitters wearing their straw boater hats but, weirdly enough, I don’t come across many. Here these two match with their hats on with different band designs and colored bowties. Nice shirts too, especially George’s with the pleats. I love the look, but somebody needed to tell him to cool off a bit. :)

RPPC: Artura 1910-1924

Slick’s five friends were cool kids

Slick's Friends. RPPC. Private Collection.

1910s-20s Slick’s Friends. RPPC. Private Collection.

Who was ‘Slick’? He had some photogenic friends. The two with the hat tucked behind the ears look like brothers, maybe even twins. The one on the left was quite relaxed while the one on the right was a bit like “hmm ok, I guess it’s going to come out like it’s supposed to come out…”. They all posed outdoors on a log bench in front of a wall of vines, leaving us with a slice of everyday fashion from the era, and wondering what they were really like.

RPPC: CYKO 1904-1920s

Up Close II

Up close in checkered cap. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Up close in checkered cap. Snapshot. Private Collection.

I just received this one in the mail. He looks like he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve! When I first saw it I was happy to have another amateur close-up from the late 10s or 20s. It must have been his favorite cap to wear too. It looks like it was due for a wash!

And then I realized it came from the same seller I got another up close portrait from last June, but only recently posted (seen below). The format is similar although the first had its edges trimmed. One difference is that it’s much more sepia toned than the second one. Now, how did that happen? They both do have album glue residue on the back.

But they are positioned to the left, and at the same distance to the ‘shoreline’, the sun hitting them from high above. I think these two were playing with the same camera! Here’s them side by side:



The more I look at them the more I see some facial features they seem to share…Were they related? Well, this fine duo wished to record themselves up close on a beautiful day, and aren’t we glad they did! Their personalities shine through.

A tiny remnant of our friendship


1″ x 2.5″ photo strip. Private Collection.

Those tiny photo strips feel so fragile in hand. One wonders how they survived a hundred years without being destroyed. I love these two. Obviously they were quite close. Yet we don’t know their names or a shred of their lives.

This one’s just for us

The drinking duo. RPPC. Private Collection.

This 1910s-1920s drinking duo. RPPC. Private Collection.

There is closeness between these two. The worker on the right still has the cap on his beer, and his expression…He looks tired or buzzed or both, but still he seems self aware and smiling in that ‘you know it’ sort of way.  The other one is in a suit, chugging the (whiskey?) bottle hard and holding a pipe with a free hand…There is a ‘devil may care’ attitude with this handsome duo, a subtle vibe of rebelliousness!

I also love the way the gent on the right is wearing his checkered cap sideways on his head, very street mutt. ;) He must have been a factory or farm worker still wearing his denim shirt and pants after a long day of work.

The back of this RPPC is full of scribbled names, some paired up. I cannot make sense of it. Some names are repeated twice. An Agnes Worter is mentioned as well as a Ruffus Worter and a Winslow. On the actual picture I edited out a B on top of each sitter’s head – brothers? They most definitely were, in blood or not!


RPPC: NOKO 1907-1920s

Up Close

Snapshot. Private Collection.

1910s-20s snapshot. Private Collection.

This young man looks quite happy in his straw boater and bowtie. Isn’t his big smile infectious? This photograph is postcard size but a bit narrower. An early candid taken outdoors in the sunlight, perhaps a ‘selfie’? :) Of the period there aren’t too many informal pictures of people taken so close to the face.

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